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Творчество Хогварчан  
The Past and Future

One very sunny morning a very brave King Mercal had come out of his den.His white fur glittered in morning sunlight and he yawned.He sat down on the edge of Stripped Rock and looked deeply far in the sky.Next moment his wife Tala had exited the den with a light smile on her pale face.Her ruby in her forehead shined as never else and she came up to Mercal and hugged him.

Mercalwith his diamond gliterring): Mornin' Sweetheart
Talasmiling): Morning Mercal.
Mercalstill looking deeply far): Tala,had Nala woke up?
Tala:Not yet.You know she likes to sleep.What are you looking worried about?
Tala:Spit it out.Is it something about wars in the east?
Mercal:Not really..I think I know what is comming.
Mercal: Worst....
Tala: Dont scare me.
Mercal: I dont.Maybe Im wrong.

A voice behind them:Hi Daddy,Hi mom!

Mercal:Nala!Good morning sweetie.
Tala:Hi Nalykins.
Nala:Daddy,guess what!
Mercal:Well - you had caught a butterfly?
Nala:No,silly!Froddo had slipped into the mud this morning.
Talaastonished)h not again....He will be cleaning himself.Im not doing it fifty five times a day.
Nala:fifty six,Mom
Mercallaughing):Nala,You are silly!
Talajoining Mercal)h yeah you are!
Nala:Dad you said we will go for a walk.
Mercal:Has your Daddy had ever broke his promice?
Nalapuzzled):Let me count....Okay you did it five hundred and fifty six, no sorry five hundred and fifty seven times!
Talah Nalykins...just zip it for a second and go help Froddo clean his fur.Me and your father need to talk.
Nalaastonished):MUUUUUUM!Froddo had slipped in mud - he will be cleaning himself as you said.Can I stay here?He stinks.
Mercalh Nala.You shouldnt talk like this about your brother
Nala:But Dad!He really does!He also sat in Zebra's poo (well I pushed him)
Tala:Nala!Go do something!Bring him a flower!Cheer him up!
Nalahhhh..Just bug off me.I will go to .... (she ran away)

Mercalh Silly little girl!
Tala:yeah...she is.So,...what were you thinking?
Mercal:Well...eh...I think my time has come.
Talaastonished):No......Mercal......you c-cant!
Mercal:Tala..I feel my death is near.
Tala:It cannot be.Our cubs are not strong enough to rule The Tigrelands.
Mercal:There is only one heir of the throne.And you know why!Froddo is not getting the throne.
Tala:Mercal dont be heartless!
Mercal:Tala if we found him in fields,It doesnt mean he supposed to be Royal!
Mercal:Tala no point...Nala is the real heir to the throne.
Tala:But Mercal...Froddo cannot be left out.
Mercal:Tala - Froddo is not my real son!
Tala:Mercal you cant be so heartless!
Mercal:I have a heart in the right place.
Tala burst out in tears and ran away.Mercal looked in her way back.
Mercalto himself):You will understand one day...

(Froddo and Nala fighting in sunny field)
Froddoh your Majesty!Im so scared!
Nalah yeah?You will be scared one day!
Froddo:You are kidding?Being scared of you?
Nala jumps on Froddo's back and bites his neck.
Froddo:auch!Nala thats hurts!
Nala:Shut up,Froddo!Don't be crying baby!
Froddo:Duh..gerrof me ... Hi mum!
(Tala had joined the group of playing cubs.She looked sad)
Nalalooking in Tala's eyes):Mum,were you crying?
Tala:er...yeah...oh no...
Nalapuzzled):Mum?Are you Ok?
Tala:Im fine..GO to play..

(Froddo and Nala left.Nala was not speaking for few minutes and then):

Nala:Froddo,why do you think she is sad?
Froddo:No idea.Most probably they are having a small fight with Dad.
Nala:I think so.
(They saw Okor coming to them)
Nala:Hi uncle Okor.
Okor:Hi sweetums.Hi Froddo.Allright?
Froddo:Yeah Uncle.
Okorpatting Nala on the head):Em...I gotta go..See you all!AmigoZ
Nala:hm..he is strange today.
Froddo:Havent you noticed?He is always like that?He always pats you on the head and never me.He hates me.
Nala:Froddo,dont be silly.He cant hate you.You are my brother
Froddo:Im not sure well but...
Nala:Drop it.

(Okor entered Zilaida's den.She had Ivula there too.)

Zilaidakor whatsa matter?You look worried
Okor:yeah I know..It is nothin'.
Ivula:Sure?You dont look well.
Okor:im fine.I need to ask you something,Zilaida.
Zilaida:go on
Okor:Where did Tala and Marcel found Froddo?
Zilaida:How come you know?
Okor:It doesnt matter.I just need to know.
Ivula:For What?
Okor:Ivula,it is none of your business.It is all my business.I gotta...So..where did they?
Zilaida:Eh....let me remember..Ah yeah...the boarder between Pridelands and Tigrelands.
Okor:Thanks.I needed that.
Ivula:For what?

(He jumped out of den and had ran away to that place.He knew who is Froddo and to whome he belongs to.)


(Mercal goes out of his Den and went down to the Stripped Rock.Nala and Froddo had seen him and had ran to him)

Nala:Hi Daddy!
Mercal:Hi kids.How are you?
Froddo:Fine.Do you know why Mum was crying?
Mercal:Was she crying?I...well...I dunno.
Nala:Dad..You better go and see her.
Mercal:I will.Thanks for inforning.
Froddok..See you later
(Mercal goes away)
Nala:Hm..Do you think he is hiding something?
Froddo:He acts strangely..
Nala:Duh..okay lets go somewhere.Maybe Unbelieveble Mysteryes lands?
Froddoastonished):Nala are you crazy?Dad said we should never go there!
Nala:Hello?I was just joking.I dont really want to get in BIG trouble!!!
Froddolaughing)h yeah?Then get me!
(Froddo runs away and Nala after him)

Manwhile Mercal had reached The Stripped Lake.It was a small place with loads of trees around a small lake and Tigers used it as their resting place or Beach.

Mercal:Good afternoon Ladies.
All tigernesses:Afternoon,Mercal.
(Tala didnt answer anything.She turned away.Mercal came up to her)
Mercal:We need to talk.
Tala:I dont.
Tala:Fine.What do you want to say?
Mercal:Im sorry.
Tala:For what?For Froddo?
Mercal:I didnt mean to be mean to you.You know the rules.Nala is the real heir to the throne...
Talah uh...Shut up with that..it is getting borring.I know she is but we cant just leave Froddo without anything.Can you take him more as a son?He really doesnt have to know anything..
Mercalfcoarse he dosnt!I will not tell him.I promice.But.If someone will tell him..
Tala:I know.
(Mercal hugged Tala)

(Okor was running to that place as fast as he could.He knew,that if Mercal wouldnt tell him he will find it himself.At last.He came to the place where the boarder layed.It was a huge river with huge broken wooden Bridge.)

Okorto himself): Oh gosh...Ah where exactly they found him?I need to know..It could be Uilas son as I heard..if he is...the king is in Mortal danger.But do I care about Mercal?He needs to die...and all of Tigrelands will be MINE!And his cute Nala will be mine too.
And he laughed loudly to himself.

(Nala and Froddo jumping and playing next to Big Lake.)

Froddojumping on Nala's back):got ya!
Froddoh gosh..You are stupid.
Nala:Shut it.
Froddo:Shut yourself Nala.
Nala:Froddo....Im warnin' ya.
Froddo:You are my sister..but just shut up.
Nalasticking her tongue out):duh..
(Nala had attacked Froddo.They were having a real fight)


Nala and Froddo were fighting for about few minutes how cold voice behind them screamed

Voice:NALA FRODDO!What the heck you are doing?
Nala:Mum...Eh...(she puts her finger up at Froddo saying - HE STARTED IT!)
Froddoh shut up Nala
Nala:isnt it true,Froddy - Waggy?
Tala:Are you both crazy!?
Nala:Mum sorry..it was an accident
Tala:Go to play friendly.
Froddo:Fine mum.But she started it
Nala:Shut it.
(Nala and Froddo run away.Tala is thinking)
Talah my Rubyness.They will kill each other one day.
(she walks away)

(Ivula and Zilaida sitting in their den talking)

Ivula:What do you think Okor is up to?
Zilaida:Dunno,he always been stupid.
Ivula:Hop it is not something...
Zilaida:So do I...
Ivula:We gotta know what he is up to.C'on
(they leave the den)

Meanwhile Mercal was walking in Tigrelands trying to find Nala.But instead of Nala he saw a little box lying on the road.He looked inside.And then he was astonished.
Inside was a human baby.It had mane like a male lion all over it's head and had no fur and all!
Mercal sniffed the human...It didnt smell bad.He took it into his mouth and went to Tala.
Tala screamed when she saw the baby.

Tala:Mercal!Are you crazy or something?It is a human baby!
Mercal:Look she is small..She cant make us any damage.
Tala:Mercal,I dont believe it.You are a KING!And you bring a human...
Mercal:Tala,you know.....It might be a really good guard!
Talah fine.What do you want me to do?
Mercal:Tala look after it.And treat it as it is your cub.
(Tala wasnt to pleased but Froddo and Nala...)
Nala:Whay!Mum!It is a human?
Tala:seems to be so.
Froddo:Cool.Can we take it?
Tala:Lets give it a name..I think it is female.
Nala:So do I.Mum...How about Dariasana?
Tala:Sounds stupid
Froddo:So do I think.
Nala:Duh...I know!How about.....Frianda?
Tala:Whay...thats Cool..Leave it
Nala:Mum...Have you seen Uncle Okor lately?
Tala:Nope...He dissapeared..doesnt matter.Go to play with Frianda

(So the human baby was called Frianda.She grew beautifully and really quick.She learned the rules and became Queen of the tigerish Hearts.She knew her duty is to guard the whole Tigrelands.And of coarse heir to the throne,Nala.
Nala was a teen when Frianda was a tall girl.Nala was still silly but she loved Frianda a lot.
Mercal was pleased to see that they have such a beautiful pride.He knew that something soon will happen...it was close by)
(One sunny morning after two years,a tall woman had exited the den.She was wearing green fur over her body and she stood on her four legs.
Mercal and Tala had exited too)

Mercal:Morning Frianda
Frianda:Hi,mum hi dad.
Tala:How are you feeling sweetheart?
Frianda:Im fine...I have a lot of energy...I want to go for a walk with Nala and Froddo.Can I?
Mercalf coarse,dear.If Nala and Froddo are awake you can go.
(She hugs Tala and Mercal and runs inside the den.Soon she goes out with Nala and Froddo)

Nala:Morning Mum.Morning Dad
Mercal:Good morning.
Froddokay okay morning...Can we go now?
(Nala slaps Froddo with her paw.Mercal and Tala look at each other.)
Friandakay guys stop that.We gotta go remember???
Mercal:see you guys!And beware...
Froddokay dad,okay....we know
(Nala Frianda and Froddo goes away)

Talah Mercal...Froddo is becoming stronger.
Mercal:So I noticed.But...
Tala:I hope nothing happens to these three.
Mercal:With Freddy warrior - nothing will happen
Tala:Dont be so sure.
Mercal:I know..anyway how abouta walk in Tigrelands??
Mercalk.Lets go then.

Meanwhile, Frianda,Nala and Froddo were jumping in the fields.In few hours they reached the striped Cannon.They had a brilliant time but...

Nala:Hey Frianda,Lets throw him in there!!!
Froddo:Duh tuh...my dear
Frianda:Stop that
Nala&Froddoh lets throw himher in there!!!!!
FriandaROlling her eyes...)hhh.
Nala:Whats that noise?

(They had put their ears up..Someone was roaring and then a huge leopard had jumped out of the bushes with his claws out. His teeth were sabretoothed...and he attacked Nala and Froddo.
Frianda jumped on the top of him and had put her serpent claw inside Leopards back.Cubs were in terror but Frianda managed to make a huge damage to the leopard..But the leopard was quich enough to smack Frianda with his paw towards the Cannon.

(The leopard began to do something with her neck and Nala bumped into his back..)
Nala:Froddo!!Please help me!
Froddo bumped into the leopard had putted his claws inside Leopard's back.Leopard had screamed in terror.He threw Frianda off the edge,she managed to hold on the edge,bu leopard had jumpd into the bushes and dissapeared.

(Nala jumped on the edge and looked down the Cannon.Frianda was holding a branch which was almost 5 metres from the top..)
Frianda:Nala...help me!
Nalak ok..Froddo find a big branch..Froddo?
(Froddo was nonewhere to be seen)
Nala:Fine.It is not time to play hide and seek,bro!
Nalagetting a liana out):Here hold on to this..
(But it was no use.Liana had ripped.And Frianda was falling now...Down and down and then she came out of sight)

Nalawith tears):Noooooo.....Frianda!!!
(Nala looked deeply down....and she didnt see anything...)
A voice:Nala!
(It was Tala and Mercal accompanied by Froddo and Rolio - magic Master.With them were tigresses of the Tigropride.)
Tala:Nala,honey what had happened?
Nala:Mum...Frianda - she felt of the edge...
(Nala burst out in tears.)
Froddo:Dad it was a huge sabretoothed leopard who began to kill Frianda but Me and Nala avoided it.
Mercal:Thanks for that.But how did Freddy died!?
Nala:Dad - hic - I - wan- hic ted - hic to - hic - help..
(Tala hugged Nala tight)
Mercal:she was fine.oh Bless her..

(All tigers had put their heads down.Nala was still crying)

Rolio:Your Majesty...did you hear something?
(Pride of huge sabretoothed tigers had jumped out of the bushes)
The main one:At last! I waited so long!
Mercalgrowling):Dont you dare come near my Tigropride!
Another Leopard:Kilosian attack him!
Kilosian:Shut up Dormvod.(turning to Mercal) - I waited so long Mercal...There is no tigrelands anymore...or there is going to be a small fight.
Mercalbravely):You will not get an inch of Tigrelands otherwise you will have to fight us.
Kilosian:Thats what I came for...

(Tala hugged Nala and Froddo tightly. Then she wispered)

Tala:Nala,Froddo run!Run!Our time had come!
Nala:no mother!
Talapushing Nala and Froddo in front with her nose):C'mon...run!

(Nala kissed her mother as they silently went behind a bush and watched what happened next)

Kilosian:Well well,Mercal...so what do you chose - life and live Tigrelands?Or...death and leaving Tigrelands?
Mercal:I would rather die that be prisoned!I will never leave my home!
Kilosianh yeah?Then I shall kill you! *ATTACK!*
(Leopards attacked..Nala and Froddo watched them in terror.)
TIgers and Leopards were fighting until death.Mercal was damaged as well as Tala.Rolio was killed..Nala silently cried...And then..
Kilosian:Here is my moment of glory - I get Tigrelands!
(He jumped on Mercal's back and sunk his claws into Mercal's neck...Mercal cried with Pain but Kilosian's paw reached his throat and Mercal fell silent.After he felt on the stone floor motionless.But Kilosian didnt show mercy.He threw him down the cannon.)

Kilosianh yeah!Kilabi,attack her!

(A femal leopard attacks Tala and throws her down the Cannon too..)


(Nala looked at Froddo.He was smal as she was.And he was crying too..Nala hugged him)

Nala:Froddo what are we going to do now?
Froddo:Dunno...We dont have anyone now...Everyone is killed..Lets run to Pridelands or something.
Nala:Blimey..What if lions will not accept us?
Froddo:It doest matter.We need to survive.
Nalah fine.lets go..Wait a minute.
(Nala had looked at her Saphire on her neck.She had taken her magic chain off her neck and kissed it.Then she had put it on the branch of the magic tree.)
Froddo:What is that for..?
Nala:You wont understand.C'mon!

(They left.And they didnt even know what Leopards were planning to do..It was up to them...)

(An after...Nala and Froddo arrived in Pridelands loats of lions accepted them.They made briliant friends and one day they both will come back to Tigrelands to win it back!)

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